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We sell premium Pacific Coastal Honey harvested from Marin and Sonoma County Beehives. As Beekeepers, we also provide Wasp and Beehive Removal and Extraction services for the San Francisco Bay Area, Including Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Site Inspection – We will visit the location of the hive to determine what needs to be done in order to remove the beehive in an eco-friendly manner, without the use of dangerous chemicals. We practice “Live Bee Removal” procedures starting with ensuring that the queen bee is transported safely with the combs to her new home without any harm done to her. Our goal is to save the hive and relocate the bees to one of our apiaries in Sonoma or Marin County.

Our Bee Removal Process – Honey Bees can establish hives in walls, floors and roofs. Bee Extraction many times calls for structural removal and repair of sheetrock, siding and paneling in order to gain access to remove the comb. MCB sets up protective measures such as plastic sheeting and taping of doorways, etc. After removal, the hive cavity is cleaned out and sealed and the structure is repaired. Preventative measures are taken as well as suggestions to the building owner so that the bees do not return.

Yellow Jackets - are removed using our chemical free methods that will eliminate them from your property immediately without waiting for traps or bait which can take days or weeks to be effective.



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On a limited basis honey from southern Marin is beginning to be harvested.  While the new honey is just starting to accumulate in the bee hives some beekeepers are getting a sneak preview of more to come.  If the hive is booming, full of bees and making honey is OK to steal away a sample of the delicious spring honey they are storing in brand new comb.

For a lucky few, wild hives, or hives that are in trees and secret locations away from beekeeper meddling, offer a stockpile of honey from last year in addition to the newest nectar.  To obtain this prize, the hive must be removed and relocated, generally speaking, so that the honey can be harvested.  Often this "aged" honey is dark, full of flavor and thick.  Sounds good!

Tamalpais Valley honey (now available from Marin Coastal Bee Co.) is just such a honey.  Ready to try some?  Give us a call or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A new feature for this web page is the ability to see where the bees are foraging. Each honey that we harvest comes from a specific geographic location, unique in the flavors and colors of honey that is produced by the bees.  Read More to find a link to a map of the foraging range for the North Slope honey....

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Typical grocery store honey could be a blend of honey from many different locations, even different countries.

Our honey is different because we preserve unique flavors and colors by harvesting in small batches, and simply straining the honey without any additional processing.  Remember the old fashion way of crushing grapes.  Fact or fantasy, we have all seen images from the past of big barrels full of people stomping the grapes with their feet. Creating a "mash" that is fermented and then squeezed or pressed to release the juice.  Well we don't stomp on our honey comb but we do crush the comb and allow the honey to slowly drain through a series of strainers.  This allows all the flavors and aromas trapped in the honey comb to release into the honey.  Pollen and floral aromatics flavor the honey naturally.

Mt. Tamalpais Honey

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